Honour your teacher

This is the teacher i studied yoga with for 6 years in Italy. Piero Vivarelli. I honour him and miss him badly!

How happy and excited i am that i can be able to host a workshop with him here in Stockholm in september 21/22 .

Don’t miss it! Keep your eyes here.

In the old tradition of yoga your were supposed to stick with your teacher. Even when he told you things you didn’t want to hear.

Actually even more then. Today there is such a big selection of everything, also yoga teachers. Many hop around trying so many different types of yoga, different teachers. Which can be very good on one hand, but on the other hand it’s difficult to learn more about yourself without growing a deeper relationship with a teacher. I am so happy i had the fortune to study with Piero for so many years. And i really miss being near him. I really miss having a close relationship with a teacher around.

So here i honour him! And wait for september!

Honour your teacher. Your teacher can be anyone.

For me my children are my teachers.


Nature is my teacher.


Students are my teachers.


Who is your teacher? Do you honour that person?




  1. Sundari wrote:

    Your words are wise and deep. Your children are pure and oh so beautiful – I too love your teacher.

    Namaste and blessings for a vibrant spring, Sundari

  2. Valeria wrote:

    Wonderful Jennie!

    Great post!

    Whish I could come to Stockholm in September… But honoured to host Piero next Sunday in Poggibonsi! It would be great if you could come….


  3. Paulina wrote:

    Dear Jennie, you are my teacher!